Rond du Val – my latest love

Is it love? Addiction? A guilty pleasure? Over the last few weeks something’s gone on between me and a sultry sheeps cheese called Rond du Val – I just can’t get enough of it.

It comes in an unassuming container and for ages I have picked it up, thought that’s interesting and put it down again. But a couple of weeks ago it came home with me and since then I have eaten it at least four more times. Including yesterday when I secretly scoffed half of one on my own in the office kitchen at lunch.

Shaped like a small Camembert, this is a pasteurised, bloomy rind cheese from France. It’s made by Papillon, who also make a Roquefort. And aside from that I can’t find out much more about it.

So it’s not raw and maybe it’s not a traditional cheese but it’s a beauty.

Pick up Rond du Val and give it a big sniff and you’re transported away from the city to the sea side, a briny breeze lilting across a deep creaminess.

The rind is velvety white with gelato lemon showing through. Cut into it and you’re rewarded with a silky lustre, the curd sensuous and gooey.

And then when you take a bite, boom! Grassiness bursts through, deepening to a meaty mushroom, reminiscent of Brie. Vegetal and rich, the higher milk fats gives sheeps cheese a silky smoothness that sometimes makes cows milk cheese seem downright rough.

Some people say that sheeps milk makes the best cheese, think Roquefort, Manchego. I’m adding Rond du Val to my list.

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