Cheese rolls on the Otago Rail Trail

Hot, and savoury and so delicious, a Southland cheese roll was the perfect way to start our Otago Rail trail adventure. We’d been warned about Southland portions, and the cheese roll at Industy on the outskirts of Alexandra was true to form. Somehow they’d squeezed in more of the creamy cheese filling, caramelised more of the buttery outside. This was a cheese roll bursting with Southern pride. What ever their secret, like the scenery on the trail, this was sublime! Check out my cheese roll recipe, and give coating the outside with the cheesey sauce and more grated cheese a … Continue reading Cheese rolls on the Otago Rail Trail

Kurow Chèvre – geek out on goat

I had to take care unwrapping Whitestone’s Kurow Chèvre. You know it’s going to be something special when the cheesemaker has put it in a funky cardboard box. Even before I’d cut the tape holding the paper wrapping in place I could tell Kurow is a delicate beauty. The rind blossoms ivory and white, and laying it gently on the board It shimmers, almost threatening to collapse. Cutting into it shows it is a textally gorgeous cheese. The rind is al dente with just enough bite on the tooth, it barely contains a chalky inner suspended in a glossy, liquid … Continue reading Kurow Chèvre – geek out on goat