Parmesan custards with Anchovy toasts

Parmesan custard. Not sweet. With toast. Think silken-cheesey ambrosia enveloping salty crunch and assume that alchemy has taken place. This is creme brûlée’s sexy cousin, luring you into the crash of her toast, and she’s a siren of a starter. I’ve been perving these luscious treats in Fiona Beckett’s cheese book for months. I was surprised how easy they were to make, especially for something so special. Indeed I am planning a dinner party right now just in their honor. Don’t worry how insanely anchovy the butter is, the dish needs its salty robustness. Because this custard is delicate and … Continue reading Parmesan custards with Anchovy toasts

Munster and Gerwutztraminer – stinky and the sweet

Stinky, spicy and sweet- Munster, Cumin seeds and Gewurztraminer- a marriage made not just in heaven but in Alsace. Serve this classic combination up to your guests and they will marvel at your cheese-geekery! I read about this in Fiona Beckett’s The Cheeselover blog. Fiona is a British food writer, who tried this on a recent trip to Alsace. And I agree with her this is a great classic combination and one well worth trying out. Munster is another of the wonderful washed rind cheeses. And like others of this type it definitely earns its stripes as a ‘stinky’ cheese. … Continue reading Munster and Gerwutztraminer – stinky and the sweet