Parmesan custards with Anchovy toasts

Parmesan custard. Not sweet. With toast. Think silken-cheesey ambrosia enveloping salty crunch and assume that alchemy has taken place. This is creme brûlée’s sexy cousin, luring you into the crash of her toast, and she’s a siren of a starter. I’ve been perving these luscious treats in Fiona Beckett’s cheese book for months. I was surprised how easy they were to make, especially for something so special. Indeed I am planning a dinner party right now just in their honor. Don’t worry how insanely anchovy the butter is, the dish needs its salty robustness. Because this custard is delicate and … Continue reading Parmesan custards with Anchovy toasts

5 tips for simple, stylish cheeseboards

Do you get stuck choosing cheese? Follow my 5 tips for a stylish cheeseboard and banish the rabbit in headlights look next time you’re at a cheese counter.  A couple of well-chosen cheeses, an easy wine and some quality bread – superb! Today’s board, through simple, was a great reward after working hard in the garden. The ivory white cheese is Cilantro’s Billy the Kid Goat Cheddar, the orange-blue Talbot Forest’s Waihi Blue. Cilantro Artisan cheese from Hamilton Talbot Forest from Geraldine My 5 top tips to easy cheeseboard 1. Choose contrasting colours, shapes or textures.  I paired fruity, hard … Continue reading 5 tips for simple, stylish cheeseboards

2013 Cheesefest and NZ Cheese Awards

Like Disneyland crossed with the Oscars, the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards and Cheesefest were 36 hours of cheese geek heaven! Last week cheese makers, industry folk and cheese lovers paid tribute to New Zealand’s specialist cheeses. And I loved every second of it. 2013 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards Fifty nine companies, 413 cheeses and 74 Gold medals. Twenty eight cheesey experts had sniffed, savoured and spat their way to judging the awards. Who knew cheese judges spit much like wine judges? This was the second year Dutch-style cheeses took out top honours. Another major highlight was Ministry for … Continue reading 2013 Cheesefest and NZ Cheese Awards