Grandma Singleton’s Red Leicester

Standing at my local supermarket the other day I had a cheese dilemma as I was confronted by a sea of ordinariness. Newtown New World doesn’t do artisanal cheese and, like a junkie, I was afraid I would miss my fix of exceptional fromage. The search was on to see what was the best they could offer. And today Grandma Singletons Red Leicester was best of class. British cheeses are a mystery to me, they seem the much plainer cousin of those glamour French fromages, the exotic Spanards and the rumbunctous Italians. The Brits seem a little more pedestrian, a … Continue reading Grandma Singleton’s Red Leicester

Perail de Brebis – an ice cream of a cheese

Oh thank you Mr Marche Francais and thank you ewes of Aveyron – your Perail de Brebis was velvet for my mouth, rich cream for my soul! Who would’ve thought such a thin frisbee of a cheese could envelope my mouth so fully and so completely? It looked like a wide, flat Camembert, only a centimetre or so deep, with a delicate dusting of off-white surface mould. But wow, when cut, this was no chalky, supermarket camembert. This little beauty flooded our cheese board with the most glorious, silky paste, like ice cream melting on a summer’s day. A delightful … Continue reading Perail de Brebis – an ice cream of a cheese

The safe and summery hands of Comte

Selecting a cheeseboard for a group of friends is one of my favourite foodie things. You have to match the cheese to both the folks and the occasion, and of course for us in Wellington, you are limited by the cheeses available. And whilst I love ‘extending’ my palate and those of my erstwhile companions, I also know that some palates are more pedestrian than others. On nights like these I employ the balanced strategy to my cheese board – where I make sure I have one guaranteed crowd-pleaser to balance out an other potentially more difficult cheese. At times … Continue reading The safe and summery hands of Comte

Munster and Gerwutztraminer – stinky and the sweet

Stinky, spicy and sweet- Munster, Cumin seeds and Gewurztraminer- a marriage made not just in heaven but in Alsace. Serve this classic combination up to your guests and they will marvel at your cheese-geekery! I read about this in Fiona Beckett’s The Cheeselover blog. Fiona is a British food writer, who tried this on a recent trip to Alsace. And I agree with her this is a great classic combination and one well worth trying out. Munster is another of the wonderful washed rind cheeses. And like others of this type it definitely earns its stripes as a ‘stinky’ cheese. … Continue reading Munster and Gerwutztraminer – stinky and the sweet