Kurow Chèvre – geek out on goat

I had to take care unwrapping Whitestone’s Kurow Chèvre. You know it’s going to be something special when the cheesemaker has put it in a funky cardboard box. Even before I’d cut the tape holding the paper wrapping in place I could tell Kurow is a delicate beauty.

The rind blossoms ivory and white, and laying it gently on the board It shimmers, almost threatening to collapse.

Cutting into it shows it is a textally gorgeous cheese. The rind is al dente with just enough bite on the tooth, it barely contains a chalky inner suspended in a glossy, liquid outer.

Kurow Chèvre has the lemony lightness I love in goat cheese. And even better, is off set by deeper, vegetal notes. Mushroom, forest floor and peppery rocket. Wow, what a cheese.

Made in Oamaru from goats milk sourced from Overbrook Farm in Timaru, I love that Whitestone is getting geeky on goats cheese. Check out their Seriously Goat website, enter the draw to go on a factory tour, and please watch the video- Phill and his goats are gorgeous.

Oh and definitely try this cheese, it’s only being made in goat milking season between November and May so get in quick. Geek out on goat.

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