The Great Eketahuna Cheese Festival 2018

On 14 May, 2018 some big cheeses will descend on a small town in Wairarapa for the second Great Eketahuna Cheese Festival. Put it in your diary, I hope to see you there!

The Eketahuna festival is set to become New Zealand’s alt-cheese event, headed up by two Kiwi cheese rebels, raw milk cheese pioneer Biddy Fraser from Cwmglyn (said coom-glin) Farmhouse Cheese (above) and Auckland cheesemonger Calum ‘Curd Nerd’ Hodgson (below).

Their aim is to bring together small cheese-makers, industry experts and enthusiasts for an extravaganza of cheesey chat.

The Eketahuna Community Hall will be packed with stalls of artisan cheesemakers selling products, as well as forums and seminars, including a cheese tasting session followed by a dinner.

Two years ago, at the first festival I loved the energy, passion and debate of our small-scale cheese industry. I’m looking forward to the festival this year.

Check out and Like the Festival’s Facebook page and keep an eye out as the event takes shape.

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