Cheese pop-up, Eketahuna, Friday 9 October.

Wouldn’t you like to get a whey? Join cheese lovers in Eketahuna for a pop-up cheese event of seminars, local dairy history and general cheese geekery, from 11am- 4pm on Friday 9 October. 

Cheese pop-up on Eventfinder

Nestled in the foothills of the Tararuas, Eketahuna, once synonymous with remoteness, has been put on the map in recent years by ground-breaking cheese maker Biddy Fraser-Davies and her award winning Cwmglyn (pronounced coom-glin) cheese.

October is New Zealand Cheese Month, so look out for cheesey events in your locale. I love that this is a grass roots event, organised by a pioneering cheese maker. 

I’ll have a car in Eketahuna so if you want to come but can only get there by train, message me on the comments, I can pop down to Masterton and pick you up. Hope to see you there!

Not sure where Eketahuna is?

5 thoughts on “Cheese pop-up, Eketahuna, Friday 9 October.

  1. Hi Lucy,

    Would love to come along to Ekatahuna but work wont permit. I was trying to find Cwmglyn at Moore Wilsons some time ago, but without the name they didnt know what I was raving on about – little old lady, Ekatahuna, 4 cows all with names!!! Do you know if they stock it? Or where we can get it in Wellington? Thanks.

    Love your posts 😄 Ali Allen

    1. Hi Ali- I have seen it at Le Marche Francais but that was a while ago now. Worth checking. Also C’est Cheese is Featherston should have it. This shop is totally worth the trip over the hill!

  2. Sorry Cwmglyn Cheese isn’t available at Moore Wilson’s but it can be purchased from ON TRAYS Food emporium at Petone and at C’est Cheese in Featherston. Or you can take a trip every weekend and buy it from the farm gate at Cwmglyn Farm (and meet ‘the little old lady’ herself!) -Cwmglyn Biddy

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