Cheese in Cambodia

Cheese was the last thing I expected to find in Phnom Pehn, let alone good cheese. Testament to the French, cheese, wine, coffee, charcuterie and bread are remains of their colonial influence.   

Atop our riverfront terrace we nibbled Brie, a blue and a remarkable terrine. Welcome offerings from French deli Le Votre hailing what was to be a distinctly Gallic presence amidst the hustle and bustle of Khmer life.
 And all part of the world-class food scene in Phnom Pehn.  

Whether it is a top class restaurant set in a tropical garden, local Khmer barbeque restaurants, street stalls and markets, Cambodians seem to love and respect food.
Even the Western targeted Smile mini-mart down the road from our apartment boasted a variety of French and International cheeses to keep any homesick Euro happy.

 Our hosts, Angela and Paul, he’s on the left above, took us to a Wine and Cheese evening at a local hotel. Legendary in ex-pat circles they have been recently resurrected at Arunreas Hotel after thirsty ex-pats had drunk previous iterations into unprofitability.  For a fixed price we scoffed magnificent charcuterie – rilettes, terrine and sausage, and platters of cheese- Roquefort, Brie, Comte, and Raclette, washed down with oodles of wine. Marvelous, and all dispensed by the ever-smiling and slightly amused Khmer waiters. 

What a treat and a wonderful insight into an unexpected side of life in Phnom Pehn.


7 thoughts on “Cheese in Cambodia

  1. Hi Lucy. The beer and cheese event went really well thanks to your selections. Got harder to control the crowd as more beer and wine was consumed! Seems I am following your cheese trail. I am heading to phnom pehn tomorrow to visit family living there. We will check out the wine and cheese tasting you mention!

    1. Ha! Great cheese minds. We are at the beach now in Otres and had a great week in Phnom Pehn- if you feel like a splurge Malis and Topaz were beautiful restaurants. Have a great holiday!

  2. Great to see you both enjoying all those great cheeses and wine too! You both look relaxed!

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    1. Very jealous- I had such a great time. The great cheese and charcuterie was unexpected and a delight.

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