Burrata spied in Wellington

Great news for us Wellingtonians, Moore Wilsons has Burrata. Nestled amongst the Mozarella and bochoncini we spied this elusive treat.

I’ve written about the delights of Burrata before, the way it wobbles in your hand like an ivory white breast, a Mozarella money bag plump with cream and silky shreds of cheese.

Originating in Puglia, Italy, Burrata (pronounced boo-RAH-ta) was created in the 1920s to use up scraps from the production of Caciocavallo and Provolone. You need to eat them fresh so thankfully Italian Cheese’s Massimo’s Burrata is made in Auckland. Big ups to them and their Gold medal at the NZ Cheese Awards this year.

You can cook with it, but I love it simply served with a salad. The combination of lactic sweet dairy, acid tomatoes and peppery rocket and basil is a rare one. Seldom does cream join with such fresh flavours.

It’s good to use a range of tomatoes and I always follow Jamie Oliver’s tip of salting tomatoes, especially if I’m in a more temperate clime.

Chop up the tomatoes unevenly, place Ina bowl and toss in salt, I use Maldon, but table salt will do at a push. He advises using more salt than you’d usually use. Let it rest for 20 minutes, then drain. I tossed my leaves in a bit of olive oil and a skirrick of balsamic, plated up then did the same with the tomatoes.

Finally slice your Burrata in half from top to bottom, quickly transferring the halves to the salad so you don’t lose the precious cream. A grind of pepper, a few more basil leaves.

I served mine with bruschetta I’d made while the tomatoes were resting and coffee was brewing.

A wonderfully rare treat in Wellington that I hope will become more common place. Buon appetito!

6 thoughts on “Burrata spied in Wellington

  1. Looks wonderful Lucy. Lots of people must have thought so cause Moore Wilson’s are all out of Burrata. Just a lonely sign.

    1. We must agitate! Tho the sign signifies intent for more, doesn’t it? Wellingtonians need good cheese!

  2. They said they would be getting more. I used the Clevedon buffalo mozzarella instead and it was yum, but I can’ twain to try the Burrata – I’ve never had it before.

    1. Ooh how exciting! Murray’s cheese on Bleecker St is cool. I’ve never been to Casellula – it’s a cheese and wine cafe. Bon voyage! We must catch up so I can hear all your American tales!

    2. Oops posted a comment rather than replied sorry Moerangi. Murray’s cheese on Bleeker St or one place on my list is Casellula which is a cheese cafe. Mmmm can’t wait to hear about your American adventures

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